35 on 35 on 35

35 miles on my 35th birthday on highway 35.

The idea popped in my head sometime in the last year or so. Why not?  Not that I consider myself ‘old’, but I am on the tail end of my ‘prime’. Running 35 miles on my birthday challenged my perception of myself. I needed to prove to myself that I could do it. Long distance running makes me feel alive, often uncomfortable, not always smart, usually painful…but definitely alive.

A huge thank you to all the support and messages of encouragement I received throughout the day!  I have some pretty awesome friends and family. I remember in science class when we were learning about energy and how it can’t be created or destroyed but only transferred. In this case, I received a lot of great energy from friends and family. Hopefully by taking on some scary challenges (at least in my eyes) and by sharing them, I hope I can inspire others and pass on some wholesome, positive energy.



  1. Jacki Blasko says

    Congratulations, Christopher!
    I loved the video and your comments, but most of all your priorities to be the best that you can be! So proud of who you are and who you are becoming in His image! Blessings and love, Mom

  2. Bill Zweber says

    Awesome job, Chris. One never knows what can be accomplished until you push the limits. Congrats!

    • chrisblasko says

      Thanks Bill!!

  3. Cullen Haskins says

    That is an incredible accomplishment! Thanks for Posting.

  4. Josh Benson says

    That’s serious. Well done!

  5. Marcus says

    Much respect sir!!

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